The professional activity of the study concerns in particular the assistance and advice in the field of taxation, tax litigation, assistance in dealing with the tax authorities, the legal opinions, advice and assistance in corporate, company and the feedback of the corporate reorganization.
The activities of the study are distinct and organized according to the following areas of intervention. Read well below:
Corporate: Advice and assistance and tax, Tax Litigation, Advice and assistance in corporate, Extraordinary transactions, Accounting and financial reporting, taxation of real estate, audit and statutory audit
Private: Taxation of individuals, planning in the field of personal assets
Local Authorities - P.A. & Non-profit organizations: Service and tax advice to Public Administrations and / or public companies, assistance and advice in the performance of their tax obligations of local authorities, Tax Representation of local authorities to the bodies of the tax courts, the Constitution and management of non-profit and foundations
For matters not directly dealt with the study uses, with the consent of the customer, with the collaboration of specialized studies which exists a long tradition of collaboration. Of course, the study also coordinates with the professionals who assist the customer in these or other areas not directly treated.